Tourist Places in Ooty: The Queen of the Nilgiris

Tourist Places in Ooty: The Queen of the Nilgiris
26 Jun, 2024

Ooty is Located in the Nilgiri hills, also known as Udagamandalam, a hill station in Tamil Nadu which is a top tourist destination. Ooty is granted with natural beauty that attracts tourists from all around India. The haze-covered mountains, beautiful green landscapes, and vibrant flowers create a haven-like atmosphere that is impossible to avoid. The beautiful climate also adds the charm, making it an ideal tourist destination for a relaxing hoilday. The famous Nilgiri mountain railway has the steepest railway track. The hit bollywood song 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' where, Shahrukh Khan and Malaika Arora dances on top of a train, that was the Nilgiri Mountain Railways.


Ooty Lake, Ooty


The Ooty Lake is at a distance of just 2 km from Ooty city in the green hills of the Nilgiris district. The impressive lake covers an area of 65 acres, and its foundation was laid down by John Sullivan who was the collector of Coimbatore in 1824.

Ooty Lake is completely surrounded by greenery all around and is a great place to experience the beauty of this hill station, and this is a perfect place to capture people who are genuinely interested in photography.


Ooty Lake is has many activities, paddle boats, rowing boats and motor boats from the boathouse here. There are a lot of tourists during weekends, so it is advised to visit the lake during weekdays make it a top tourist place in Ooty.


Emerald Lake, Ooty


The Emerald Lake is located in Emerald Village, just about 22 kms from the main city of Ooty and is a part of the Silent Valley National Park in the Nilgiris District. The Emerald Lake is one of the untouched place of Ooty, not many of tourists visit the place. Emerald Lake is perfect spot in Ooty for nature lovers. The Emerald Lake attracts tourists for the picturesque scenic beauty of the lake, and the green Nilgiri slopes and tea plantations.


Pykara Lake, Ooty


The Pykara Lake is a famous place which is at a distance of about 20 kms from Ooty, in the Nilgiri district. The Pykara Lake and has become a significant tourist place which is visited by large numbers of people all round the year.


The Nature lovers, photographers and adventure seekers should definitely not miss out on this unique and fun-filled place. The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) operates a boathouse, rest house and a restaurant in this area. The boathouse is a fantastic place to sit back, relax and gorge on some delicious food, making Ooty a top tourist place.


Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty


The Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty is the most top key attraction of tourists in the hill station. The train was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. The train was started in the year 1899, it has continued to attract visitors over the past many years winding its way through the best of nature.

Moving through amidst the forests, dark snaking tunnels, sharp bends, and amid mist and fog, the Nilgiri Mountain Train takes on a spectacular trip up and down the green slopes.


Ooty Botanical Gardens, Ooty


Botanical Gardens lie in the Doddabetta peak, the Government Botanical Garden is a beautiful garden in Ooty, near Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu. Spread in an area of 22 hectares, tourists here are greeted with astounding colourful natural beauty from the moment they pass through the gates. The Botanical Gardens attracts foreign and local travelers for its lush green lawns of the garden, admiring the stunning variety of flowers, ferns, and orchids present here making it a top tourist place in Ooty.


Ooty Rose Garden, Ooty


Ooty Rose Garden is also known as the Jayalalithaa Rose Garden, the Nootrandu Roja Poonga and the Centenary Rose Park. Nature lovers are attracted to the Rose Garden like bees to honey. The view of the lush green garden with areas dedicated with catchy fragrant roses is a sight to remember.


The beautiful Ooty Rose Garden is located on the Elk Hill slopes in Ooty and was established in 1995 to commemorate the Centenary Flower Show. The Garden occupies a vast area of over 4 hectares on the hill slopes. Families usually visit the garden over a picnic with their kids while couples find this place a romantic and quick getaway from a busy schedule.


Kalhatti Falls, Ooty


The Kalhatti falls, Ooty which is often called 'Bird Watcher's Paradise' as it give an aerial view of the whole valley and are also a great place to spot some endemic birds species. The lovely beauty and calm atmosphere of the place make it an ideal place for tourist. Elephants can be seen here in their natural habitat, who visit this lake to drink water, which becomes a great sight for the travelers.


Thunder World, Ooty


Thunder World is a themed amusement park in Ooty, which is also known as Dinosaur Park, it is famous amongst the young and the old who visitors. The park is divided into themed sections – the Jurassic Jungle, the Vortex and the Haunted House.


The park consists of a 5D theatre and a Camera Museum. The Government Museum in Ooty was built in 1989 to maintain and promote the culture of Ooty in the form of exhibits and information. The attraction houses an extensive collection of the culture, history, the tribes, tribal objects, sculptures, paintings, handicrafts, nature and the ecology of Udhagamandalam.


Wax Museum, Ooty


The Wax Museum is just at distance of 1 km from the Ooty Railway Station, the museum is one of the top places to visit and is in a 130 years old charming colonial mansion. The museum also houses showcase the life of a rural household. There are also sites where you can see Indian potters and villagers doing pottery and farming, cultivating etc., all carved out in wax, making it a top tourists place.




Ooty has its natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage, Ooty offers a distinctive and memorable travel experience. Ooty is haven for everyone whether a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or a food enthusiast, Ooty has something or else for every tourist who visit. So, pack your bags and move out on a journey through the beautiful haven of Ooty.