Top Shillong Tourist Places: Explore the Scotland of eastern India

Top Shillong Tourist Places: Explore the Scotland of eastern India
10 Jun, 2024

Shillong is located in the pine-clad hills, Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, which has a picturesque canvas at an elevation of 1496 meters. The city showcases a delightful blend of captivating landscapes, pleasant weather, and rich traditions. Shillong is the home land of many diverse tribal communities like Khyrim, Mylliem, Maharam, Mallaisohmat, Bhowal, and Langrim, each contributing to the vibrant cultural tapestry.

The Umiam Lake, which is surrounded by hills that offer a serene escape. The Elephant Falls, cascading gracefully amidst lush greenery, adds to Shillong's natural allure. Shillong also boasts museums and cultural gems like the Don Bosco Museum and Meghalaya State Museum which showcase the indigenous cultures of the Northeast. The Police Bazar, a vibrant market, captures the pulse of Shillong making Shillong tourist Place.

Shillong's is titled as the "music capital of India." The city's westernized culture and youthful vibe make it a dynamic music scene. Throughout the year, music events and festivals celebrate Shillong's rich musical heritage which contribute in making Shillong tourist Place.

Laitlum Canyons, Shillong

Laitlum Canyons is one of the most picturesque tourist and trekking destinations in Shillong. The canyons are present about 21 Kms south of Shillong which is about a half-hour drive away. This exotic viewing site provides the best panoramic views of the whole of Meghalaya embraced by the majestic hills and valleys. The spot is secluded and serene, ideal for quiet and peaceful getaways the place is a must visit for nature lovers and photographers.

Umiam Lake, Shillong

The beautiful Umiam Lake is a man-made reservoir, is situated just at a distance of 15 kilometres from Shillong. The scenic Umiam Lake is surrounded by lush green East Khasi hills that form one of the best panoramic sights for nature-lovers in the country.

Tourists and nature-lovers can admire the flora and fauna at Umiam Lake as they study the science behind the dam, children can spend some time in the park with their parents, visitors can take a long boat ride in the lake, and adventure lovers can enjoy boating and various water-sports.

Elephant Falls, Shillong

Just 12 km away from the Shillong, one of the most visited falls in the beautiful state is the Elephant Falls. The Elephant Falls is a tourists' paradise with three layers of the falls accessible to the layman from different vantage points. Elephant Waterfalls is a superb place for spending some time in the middle of nature while capturing the incredible moments.

Ward Lake, Shillong

The Ward's Lake is present in the centre of Shillong city,which is an artificial lake encircled by a prolific green garden, is a major tourist attraction around which the entire city has been planned. This mesmerising lake is a popular picnic spot amongst the locals and travellers who come here to simply walk around the lake or sit and admire the stunning flowerbeds throwing a myriad of colors. In the middle of Ward's Lake is a small bridge built to enable the visitors to have a panoramic view of the entire lake.

Shillong Peak, Shillong

Shillong Peak is the highest point of Shillong with the height of 6449 ft or 1965 m above sea level. It provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city, the Himalayas, its waterfalls as well as of the Bangladesh plains. A telescope is present for tourists to get a beautiful view. The Shillong Peak is located at the air force base and features a radar station of the Indian Air Force.

Mawlynnong, Shillong

Mawlynnong is a village present just 90 km from Shillong and is also known as God's own Garden. The village was declared as the cleanest village in Asia in 2003 by Discovery India. Mawlynnong has some of the most picturesque natural beauty with lush green valleys, crystal clear water in the river, an abundance of flowering orchids hanging from the trees and extremely clean roads which makes this small village Shillong tourist place destination.

Sweet Falls, Shillong

The Sweet Falls is located about 5 km from Happy Valley in Shillong. Present at a height of 96 metres, it is often called as the most stunning yet most dangerous waterfall. The Sweet Falls is a thick rush of water falling from a great height making it impossible to stand below or take a bath in the falls. The Sweet Falls of Shillong is a famous picnic spot surrounded by verdant greenery and filled with the sounds of the chirping birds.

Spread Eagle Falls, Shillong

Sistuated just 6km from Shillong Cantonment, the Spread Eagle Falls are considered to be the widest in all of Shillong. This majestic waterfall gushes down steep hills, towering three sides into a massive pool of water which is ideal for the tourists.

Butterfly Museum, Shillong

Butterfly Museum in Shillong is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The museum has an extensive collection of vibrant butterflies, moths, beetles and other insects. The Butterfly Museum is owned and managed by Wankhar, Riatsamthiah who also organizes regular programs for the conservation of the moths and butterflies.

Police Bazar, Shillong

Police Bazar is the major market of Shillong and a popular shopping paradise for locals and tourists. A number of restaurants, hotels and big brand stores, the Police Bazaar also has a flea market section which is pocket-friendly and draws the maximum number of tourists owing to its traditional handicrafts stores, exquisite Meghalaya merchandise, regional apparels, junk jewellery, etc.

Best Time to Visit Shillong

The best time to visit Shillong is between September and May as the weather remains pleasant during these months. During the monsoons, beauty is at its peak as the terrain turns into a scenic paradise with lush greenery, lakes, ponds and waterfalls.


Shillong is a delightful blend of captivating landscapes, pleasant weather, and rich traditions which makes it a perfect heaven for the tourists. From lovely waterfalls to captivating landscapes, Shillong has everything which excites tourists. So, pack your bags, plan your tour, and move onto an unforgettable journey to Shillong.