The Kamakhya Temple: Enjoy the Spirituality and Serenity

The Kamakhya Temple: Enjoy the Spirituality and Serenity
05 Jun, 2024

The Kamakhya Temple is present on the Nilanchal Hill in Guwahati in Assam, The Temple is the most famous shrines of Goddess Shakti in India. According to the Hindu mythology, there are four significant Shakti Temples and Kamakhya Temple is one of them.


The Kamakhya Temple recognizes the power of the woman to give birth and is considered as extremely auspicious among the devotees of the Tantrik sect in Hinduism. The temple was constructed and reconstructed numerous times between the 8th and 17th Centuries.


The Kamakhya temple has a beautiful entrance which is designed with simple, elegant carvings and are decorated with colorful flowers. The temple has a massive dome. The temple is especially decked up during the Ambubachi Festival and fare which is held in the month of June.


There are five temples within the complex of Kamakhya temple, dedicated to different forms of Lord Shiva. Also the temple complex has three temples of Lord Vishnu, present in the form of Kedara, Gadadhara and Pandunath.


There are numerous legends and myths associated with the temple. According to one of the popular legends, it is considered that the reproductive organ of Sati settled at this place, after her death but some believe that this temple is associated with Goddess Kali.


Structure of the Kamakhya Temple


The present structure of the temple is of the Nilachal type, which is another word for temples with a hemispherical dome and a cruciform shaped base. The temple is divides into four chambers aligned from east to west described as follows:-


1. Garbhagriha: The Garbhgriha or the main sanctum rests on a base which has a number of sunken panels embellished with the sculptures of Ganesha and other Hindu Gods. The other parts of the Garbhagriha are made of stone while the zenith is in the shape of an octagon and is made out of bricks. The Garbhariha is present below ground level and there are series of rock cut steps. A rock fissure in the shape of a vulva-shaped which is worshipped as the goddess Kamakhya.


2. Calanta: In the west of the Kamakhya temple is present the Calanta, which is a square shaped chamber of the atchala type. Where small moveable idols of Gods and Goddesses are present, while the walls of this chamber have a numerous images and inscriptions carved on the surface.


3. Pancharatna: From the west of the Calanta is the Panchratna which is a large rectangular construction having a flat roof and five small spires protruding from its roof.


4. Natamandir: From the west of the Pancharatna is the structure of Natamandir which has an apsidal end and ridged roof of the Ranghar type Ahom style. The walls of the Natamandir has inscriptions from Rajewas Singha and Gaurinath Singha inscribed upon them.


The Ambubachi festival


The Ambubachi Festival is a festival which is celebrated for the Goddess's fertility. The festival is celebrated on the belief that the Mother Goddess, Kamakhya, Shiva's young bride, is menstruating at time. The Temple remains closed and the Goddess is bathed after these three days after which the normal activities of the temple takes place. It is believed that at during the monsoon when the Ambubachi festival is observed, the Mother Earth is at her fertile best due to the rain nurturing the soil.


Mystery of the Kamakhya Temple


The Kamakhya Temple itself is a highly revered place for the followers of Hinduism; According to Hindu Mythology it believed that during the month of Ashadh (June according to the Gregorian Calendar) the Bramhaputra River which flows beside the temple turns red. And it is believed that this is a divine phenomenon and it happens because the Goddess menstruates during this time. Thus, every year during the Ambubachi Festival, the river and the temple is visited by thousands of devotees.


How to reach Kamakhya Temple


The Kamakhya Temple is located in the Nilachal Hills. Visitors can hire auto rickshaw or taxi from any part of Guwahati. Even regular buses of Assam Tourism Department are also available from various parts of the city. Visitors can reach Kamakhya Temple by two rock-cut stairs starting from the bottom of the Nilachal Hills to the temple.


Best time to Visit Kamakhya Temple


October to April is the best time to visit Kamakhya Temple and explore the nearby attractions. During this time the weather remains cool and pleasant which is perfect for visiting the temple and nearby destinations. The month of June is the best time to enjoy the Ambubachi Festival. Better to avoid visiting Kamakhya Temple during the summer season because it is extremely hot and humid.




The Kamakhya Temple exploration is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for travelers who wish to immerse themselves into the spirituality of Goddess Shakti. This holy temple is a marvelous place which promises a memorable journey experience for every traveler. So, plan with your friends or family and brace up for a trip to the Kamakhya Temple.