Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Bodh Gaya: Must Visit Tourist Place

Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Bodh Gaya: Must Visit Tourist Place
02 Jul, 2024

Bodh Gaya is a Buddhist pilgrimage place in Gaya District of Bihar. Bodh Gaya is famous for the Mahabodhi Temple, It was here under the Bodhi tree that Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. Bodh Gaya is now in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and many foreign countries, including Japan and China, have helped the Indian government in building facilities for the Buddhist pilgrims. Bodh Gaya is always bustling with pilgrims all through the year from India and abroad who come here to pay their homage in monasteries, temples and remnants of Bodhi Tree. Pilgrims as well as Buddhist monks from all around the world come here to witness the roots of the Bodhi tree, worship the great Buddha and feel the air of Buddhism that is present in every part of Bodh Gaya.

Filled with plenty of monasteries and temples that were built by several Buddhist communities across the world, Bodh Gaya has a spiritual aura on not just the place but the people living here. Bodh Gaya is at its spiritual best during the time of Buddha Jayanti and the three-week festival for world peace when the town is flooded with tourists from every part of the world. Bodh Gaya was earlier known as Uruwela. It was also known as Sambodhi, Vajrasana or Mahabodhi until the 18th century CE. Bodh Gaya is one of the four important Buddhist sites that include: Kushinagar, Lumbini and Sarnath.

Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya

The Mahabodhi temple, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site present in Bodhgaya, Bihar. It is a Buddhist temple which marks the location where the Lord Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. The temple is spread over an area of 4.8 hectares and is 55 meters tall. The Bodhi Tree is present to the left of the temple and is believed to be the direct descendant of the actual tree under which Lord Gautam Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment and laid down his philosophy for life. Many monks and devotees perform countless prostrations to the tree. The architecture of the temple and its overall silence and peace will surely enchant you as you visit it.

Bodhi Tree, Bodh Gaya

The Bodhi Tree, is perhaps the most prominent and respected sacred places in Buddhism because of the rich historical significance attached to it. Under this tree that Prince Siddhartha Gautama, the spiritual teacher who later became to be known as the Buddha, attained enlightenment. The Bodhi tree is a frequently visited destination spot by tourists and is one of the four main Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The aura of the Bodhi tree and the temple complex in which this tree is located have attracted sages, meditators and yogis to it ever since the time of the Buddha. Bodh Gaya is also popular for its UNESCO World Heritage Site- the Mahabodhi Temple Complex, which is just beside the tree.

Bodhi Tree, Bodh Gaya

Muchalinda Lake, Bodh Gaya

The Muchalinda Lake is located next to the main temple it is a popular site at Bodh Gaya. The lake is associated with a mythological tale stating that Lord Buddha was protected from the storm by Snake King Muchalinda. The lake is also known as lotus lake and houses a statue of lord Buddha in center which attracts visitors here.

Royal Bhutan Monastery, Bodh Gaya

The Royal Bhutan Monastery was built by the King of Bhutan as a dedication to Lord Buddha. Clay carvings are seen on the interior walls of the monastery that depict different aspects of the Buddhist culture. The monastery attracts millions of Buddhists from all over the world featuring significant moments from the life of Gautama Buddha as clay carvings. Buddhism can be studied and practiced there in peace.

Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple, Bodh Gaya

The Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple is an outstanding example of Buddhist culture and Japanese architecture, this temple was built in 1972 with the help of International Buddhist communities. The structure of the temple is carved out of wood and it looks like a Japanese shrine. The Temple also showcases a lot of Japanese paintings narrating events from the life of Gautasm Buddha.

Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple, Bodh Gaya

Jama Masjid, Bodh Gaya

Jama Masjid in Bodh Gaya is the largest mosque in the state of Bihar and dates back to around 200 years. It was built by the royal family of Muzaffarpur. The shrine is well known for its festival Shabina when the prayers are offered on the 27th night of Ramadan.

Dungeshwari Hills, Bodh Gaya

Dungeshwari Hills is the place where Lord Buddha spent a few years before travelling to Bodh Gaya in search of enlightenment. These hills are known for the caves that Gautam Buddha used for shelter and meditation. The Stupas/ Buddhist shrines exist even today amidst the beautiful natural surroundings. The picturesque location of the Dungeshwari Hills is also a famous trekking destination and attracts enthusiasts in large numbers.

Burmese Vihara Monastery, Bodh Gaya

The Burmese Vihara Monastery is a spiritual retreat for those who wish to take a break from their stressful lifestyle. Present in beautiful gardens, the tranquil monastery was built according to traditional Burmese architecture and has a Buddha Meditation Hall, a library with a large collection of books on the teachings of Lord Buddha and a guest house.

Burmese Vihara Monastery, Bodh Gaya

Sujatha Temple, Bodh Gaya

Sujatha Temple is dedicated to a humble tribal woman named Sujatha who had offered pudding to Gautam Buddha. It is believed that the pudding was the first meal that Gautam Buddha had consumed after years of starvation ever since he renounced the materialistic life including food to attain enlightenment.

Best time to visit Bodh Gaya

October to March is most ideal time to visit Bodh Gaya according to the weather conditions, but tourists visit here throughout the year. Dalai Lama himself spends some time here during December and January. Visitors also visit here in the month of Vaisakh (April-May) to celebrate the Buddha Purnima, the auspicious day when Siddhartha had attained enlightenment.


Bodh Gaya offers an amazing travelling experience to all the visitors who visit here. Bodh Gaya has everything to offer from Spiritual temples to peaceful Monasteries. Bodh Gaya is a stunning, serene and captivating destination for travelers. So, pack your bags and move on a journey to Bodh Gaya and immerse yourself into the spirituality of Buddhism.