Igatpuri Tourist Places- Explore the Natural Beauty and Serenity

Igatpuri Tourist Places- Explore the Natural Beauty and Serenity
23 Jun, 2024

Igatpuri is a hill station and a city in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, just about 130kms from Mumbai. It also has some of the highest peaks of the Sahyadri range. Igatpuri is primarily known for the Vipassana International Academy, the headquarters of the world's largest Vipassana meditation institute. Igatpuri is a popular weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune, Igatpuri is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra during the monsoon. Igatpuri also has a major railway station in Maharashtra connecting surrounding major cities.

Apart from old forts, majestic waterfalls, and tall mountains, Igatpuri is also a great place to indulge in activities like rock climbing and trekking. For tourists, Igatpuri offers Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley, Konkankada valley and the Randha falls, decorated with rivers and waterfalls.

Tringalwadi Fort, Igatpuri

The Tringalwadi Fort is located at an altitude of 3000 ft above sea level. Due to the height of the fort it offers a scenic view of the Konkan and Nashik route. Believed to have been built in the 10th century, the fort attracts trekkers and hikers.
The top of the Tringalwadi Fort looks like a turban and overlooks the entire mountain range. A Hanuman temple is located at the foot of the hill next to the Tringalwadi Lake. The Talegaon Lake formed by the small dam is located a few kilometers away from the area.

Ghatandevi Temple, Igatpuri

The Ghatandevi temple is a little ahead of Igatpuri, crossing the camel valley, a small road leads to the famous temple. It is said that Ghatandevi is known as 'the protector of the ghats'. Behind this temple is located the Tringalwadi Fort.

Vihigaon Waterfall, Igatpuri

Vihigaon Waterfall is known for its captivating natural beauty and the 120 feet fall where the visitors can engage in rappelling for about 30 minutes. The hike stretch to the falls through the woods is also fascinating.

Kalsubai Peak, Bhandardara

The Mt. Kalsubai is the highest peak the Sahyadri Ranges. The view of this majestic mountain is an amazing sight in Bhandardara. This mountain is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra, as it is the highest peak in the state. The trek here is a very tricky one and usually the experienced trekkers find their way to the top with some difficulty. There are now man-made stairs to reach the peak.

Vipassna Centre, Igatpuri

Founded by S. N. Goenka, Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre is a mutt that offers meditation courses following the Buddha teachings. The entrance, there is a large golden pagoda that marks the Centre is a landmark for Igatpuri.

Bhavali Dam, Igatpuri

Bhavali Dam is a huge dam constructed on the River Bham in the Bhavali village in Igatpuri, Maharashtra. With a height of 111.5 ft. and a length of 5090 ft., the dam is a popular tourist attraction. Tourists visit here to witness the scenic natural beauty and is also a popular picnic spot. Besides, the water from the dam is also used for irrigation and drinking purposes in the surrounding regions.

Bhatsa River Valley, Igatpuri

Located just before entering Igatpuri from Mumbai, the Bhatsa River Valley is present in the basin of the majestic Bhatsa River. In the end of the Thal Ghat, this place is rich in picturesque vegetation and beautiful rock formations. A popular tourist spot, it is famous for the trekking trail and the viewpoint that affords a panoramic view of the Bhatsa river and the surrounding valleys.

Kasara Ghat, Igatpuri

The Kasara Ghat, is a mountain pass present near Igatpuri in Maharashtra which links Nasik to Mumbai. Present at a height of 585 metres, Kasara Ghat is surrounded by lush green hills and enchanting natural beauty. The mountain pass is located in the Sahyadris range of the Western Ghats and it provides road and rail connectivity from the Eastern part to the Western Part. This place is covered in fog, the place looks like a slice of heaven brought on the earth.

Kulangadd Trek, Igatpuri

Kulanggad is a hill fort, is the highest hill fort in Maharashtra. The fort presents a very scenic view. The fort still has remnants of large rooms, which were used probably as storerooms. There is a considerably large cave towards the right side of the entrance to the fort.

Bitangad Trek, Igatpuri

Bitangad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. One of the many such forts in the district of Nasik, it rises to an elevation of about 3500 feet from the ground. There is a cave on the way up, and some cisterns of water at the top. The top is covered with dense vegetation, and offers a very nice view of the peaks in the Kalsubai range.

Best time to visit Igatpuri

The best time to visit Igatpuri is during the monsoons in the months of March to June and during winters in November to December. During the monsoons, the flowers are in full bloom and the sprawling meadows are a brighter shade of green, while in winter lgatpuri offers many activities for the ones seeking adventure.


Igatpuri has always something special for everyone. Immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking landscapes and lush green surroundings. From scenic viewpoints to beautiful hills, get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty and charm of this hill station paradise! So, pack your bags and move on a journey to Igatpuri and enjoy your traveling experience.