Explore the hidden Jewel of Kathiawar: Best Tourist Places of Jamnagar

Explore the hidden Jewel of Kathiawar: Best Tourist Places of Jamnagar
01 Jun, 2024

Jamnagar formerly known as Nawanagar, is also called as the Jewel of Kathiawar, situated on the coast of Gulf of Kutch, Jamnagar is the largest city of Gujarat, India. Currently, Jamnagar was in limelight for hosting India's most high profile marriage ceremony of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant.


Jamnagar is a perfect tourist destination with numerous ornate buildings, pristine coastal region and picturesque lakes. In the center of the city, there is a fort ,while the coastal area has an oil refinery, which is the largest refinery in the world. The top attraction of the city is the Lakhota Fort and the two Jain temples, the Shantinath and Adinath temple which are entirely covered with mirror, gold leaf, murals and mosaics.


The city also has a Sanctuary Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary which houses many avian species like the black-winged kite, brahminy kite, great thick-knee, common greenshank, grey francolin, etc. Marine National Park here is the first marine park in India, where one can see coral reefs without diving in the water. Tourists can also enjoy the peaceful beaches here like Narara beach, Balachadi beach, and Madhi beach to bask in the sun or for long walks.


Jamnagar was also called as 'pearl city' earlier, as it was a pearl fishing hub. The city is a blend of archeological sites and natural beauty such as lakes, palaces, gardens, museums, and many more making them top Jamnagar tourist places.


Pratap Vilas Palace


Located just 2 km away from Jamnagar railway station the Pratap Vilas Palace is a Royal Palace of Jamnagar City. The palace was constructed by bhai Ranjeet Singh in between 1907 and 1915. The palace is built in endocronic architectural style with European architecture. There are beautiful carvings of flowers leaves birds and animals on the pillars of the palace and the walls of the magnificent halls of the palace are filled with portraits and paintings by artists of that period. The Pratap Vilas Palace is a must visit destination for tourists in Jamnagar which showcase the great wealth, grandeur and heritage of Jamnagar.


Darbargadh Palace


Darbargadh Palace is located just 5 km away from the Jamnagar railway station the palace is an old royal Palace present in the east of Chandi Bazar in Jamnagar. The palace was built in 1548 with the construction of Jamnagar City and became a Masterpiece of history with a blend of Rajput and European architectural styles in the centre of the city of Jamnagar. The Palace Complex consists of number of different buildings with very fine architectural decorated with cravings on the walls of the complex.

A section of the palace is called as Tilamedi which is the place where the new rulers crowing ceremony used to take place and here is present the wooden throne of Jam Rawal the king after whom the city is named as Jamnagar. The earthquake of 2001 caused immerse damage to the Darbargadh Palace but the Palace still retains the grandeur and the Beauty, making Jamnagar a tourist places.


Jain temples


Present just at a distance of 5 km from Jamnagar Railway Station, Temple complex is a group of four Jain temples located in the Chandi Bazaar of Jamnagar. These Jain temples are popular places of pilgrimage for Jains and are very popular among the tourists who visit Jamnagar. These temples were built in between 1574 and 1622, the most beautiful of these temple is Raisi Shah Temple dedicated to the 16th Tirthankara, Shantinath. These temples are the centerpiece of the old city filled with lovely buildings of wood and stone and wooden balconies.


Lakhota Lake & Palace


Lakhota lake and Palace was built by the ruler Jam Ranmal II, who was the ruler of Nawanagar. The Lake was built in the 19th  century to fulfill the need of water for Jamnagar. The Lakhota lake and Palace is a popular travel destination for tourists for spend time outdoors with their loved ones. The Lakhota lake is a perfect location for bird watching, especially during the winter.


Bala Hanuman Temple


The Bala Hanuman Temple which also called as Shri Bala Hanuman Sankirtan Mandir which dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple was build in the year 1964 A.D. by Shri Prembhikshuji Maharaj. The temple houses the idols of Lord Ram, Lakshman, Goddess Sita, and Hanuman and the most fascinating fact about the temple is since 1964, the temple has chanted "Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram" continuously for 24 hours a day which has made a record in the Guinness Book of World Records, making a Jamnagar tourist places.


Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary


The Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is small size bird sanctuary which has only a total area of 6 sq. km and is famous for having freshwater lakes, salt marshes, and freshwater marshes. The Sanctuary was given the title of  sanctuary in 1982 and was formally designated as a sanctuary. The rulers of the Jamnagar built a check dam on the Ruparel River to prevent the waters from flowing out and turning it into a natural home for resident and migratory birds.


Dwarkadhish Temple


The Dwarkadhish temple is one of the most significant temples to visit for Hindu pilgrims, stands tall in both structure and significance. The temple is dedicated to the king of Dwarka, which belonged to Lord Krishna. The holy temple was built on 72 pillars which supports the 5 storied building. The  temple is said to be 2200 years old. Dwarka is located on the banks of River Gomti. The temple has a magnificent limestone construction which is still in perfect shape and houses some of the most exquisite sculptures.


Pirotan Island


The Pirotan Island is the island which make up India's first Marine National Park, having an area of 3 sq. km. Travelers who want to enjoy the outdoors and adventure activities the Pirotan Island is a heaven for them, since it gives a chance to see vibrant coral reefs, mangroves, and amazing aquatic species like jellyfish, octopus, starfish, sea snakes, hermit crabs, sea horses, sea slugs, green sea turtles, and dolphins.

Before visiting to Pirotan island tourists needs to follow official procedure according which the permission of Forest Department, Customs Department and the Ports needs to be taken.


Best time to Visit Jamnagar


Winter season from October to February is the best time to visit Jamnagar to explore its city attractions and pristine coastline. The weather remains cool and pleasant which is perfect for sightseeing in the town and nearby destinations. Better to avoid visiting Jamnagar during the summer season because it is extremely hot and humid.




Jamnagar is a real jewel of Gujarat, because the city has all the attractions which attract travelers from all around the world who visit this city completely immerse themselves in allure and charm of this fascinating city.    

Jamnagar is filled with wide range of popular tourist attractions from holy temples to marvelous palaces which promises a memorable journey experience for every traveler. So pack your bags and embark on the journey by following this travel guide and explore the top places of Jamnagar.