Best Tourist Places of Amarkantak: Explore the spiritual beauty of Amarkantak

Best Tourist Places of Amarkantak: Explore the spiritual beauty of Amarkantak
25 Jun, 2024

Amarkantak which is also known as "Teerthraj" is present in the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges of Madhya Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 1065 meters, Amarkantak is a alluring hill station which provides visitors with some of the most magnificent temples. The Holy River Narmada, originates from Amarkantak, increasing the religious significance of the site.  

Amarkantak is also the junction point for the rivers Narmada, Sone and Johila. The beautiful dense forests of Amarkantak have rich flora and fauna specially medicinally important plants, making it important place from the ecological point of view.

Amarkantak is believed to be the place where the mystic poet, Sant Kabir, meditated on Kabir Chabutra. Amarkantak is well known for its highly rich cultural heritage.

Amarkantak is a marvelous pilgrimage site which attracts thousands of travelers every year who come to this place to pay their respect at these ancient temples and feel the serene atmosphere, with family and friends. The holy city of Amarkantak has numerous attractions and is home to many ancient temples of Kalachuri period. The temples are showcasing the elements of different eras.

Trimukhi Temple, Amarkantak

Trimukhi Temple is located on the top of a hill in Amarkantak, The temple often referred as  to be one of the oldest temples in India. The temple is also called as 'Karna Mandir', after the name of King Karnadeb Mahachandra, who constructed it and was built under the reign of the Kalachuris. The temple is purely dedicated to Lord Shiva and the top of the temple is sculpted with the face of Lord Shiva.

Narmadakund, Amarkantak

The Narmadakund which is a temple complex constructed to signify the origin of the Narmada river. The complex consists of 16 stone temples like the Narmada Temple, Lord Shiva Temple, Annapurna Temple, Guru Gorakhnath Temple, Shri Ram Janki Temple and Shri Radha Krishna Temple. Narmadakund complex covers a area of 6 acres of land and has over 23 statues.

Kapil Dhara, Amarkantak

The Kapil Dhara is the first waterfalls of the river Narmada, it is present just 6 km from the of the Narmadakund Temples. The Kapil Dhara waterfall is named after the Kapil Muni, who is believed to have meditated at this place in past. The waterfall is about a 100 ft tall and is surrounded by lush green surroundings.

Sonakshi Shaktipeeth Temple, Amarkantak

The Sonakshi Shaktipeeth Temple was built in honour of Goddess Sonakshi. The temple is visited by thousands of tourists during the festival of Navratri. The location around the temple is very lovely and the temple gives a beautiful view of Sone River and the nearby kund.

Ancient temples of Kalachuri period, Amarkantak

The Ancient Temples of Kalachuri were built in the reign of Kalachuri Maharaja Karnadeva (1042 - 1072 AD). These showcase the brilliance of the Kalachuri architecture which is also  seen in temples like the Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple and the Machhendranath Temple. The temples are presently under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and are located just behind the Narmada temple in Amarkantak.

Kabir Chabutra, Amarkantak

Kabir Chabutra is just 5 km away from Amarkantak, the Kabir Chabutra is the place where Saint Kabir achieved enlightenment and deliverance. Since then it has become a revered site for pilgrims from around the world. Kabir Chabutra is highly important for pilgrims as it is the site where Saint Kabir and Lord Guru Nanak met each other. The site has a large banyan tree which is believed to be the site where Saint Kabir would practice his meditations.

Best Time to Visit Manipur

The best time to visit Amarkantak is during the winter months which start from October and lasting till February. After monsoon, a beautiful charm in the region can be seen. Narmada Jayanti, Makar Sankranti and Shiv Chaturdashi are the festivals which are celebrated during this time. Summers are avoided as the temperature rise up to 35-degree Celcius making the weather slightly uncomfortable to visit.


Amarkantak is known as the king of pilgrimages, because the town has many temples and holy places. Amarkantak is filled with wide range of popular tourist attractions from holy temples to holy rivers which promises a memorable journey experience for every traveler. So pack your bags and follow this travel guide and explore the top places of Amarkantak.